Sunday, January 1, 2012

Family essays from grades 5 & 6

First, we have Harry's.  I was stunned when I read this.  It's by FAR the best piece of work he ever produced for me, and probably about equal to the sum total of all the work he did throughout the rest of the year. :P   I love the part about having to emulate his sister - if you only knew Harry and Stella, you'd know just how true that is. ;)

  I have family that is very normal. I have a mom, dad and my young sister stella. Now, I will introduce our family.

  First, I will introduce my fater. My fater works alone, doing stock. So, mt dad uses two computers for stock. He is very kind and he studied very hard when he was young.So, he is very good at English. Now he helps me and my sister's homework sometimes.(he doesn't want to tell his age)

 Second, My mother is housewife. She also very kind and nice. Sometimes she is very tired about housework and helping us study. When she is tired, me and my sister helps houseworking.(when, I was trying to know about her age, she said "girl's age is always secret")

  lastly, My sister is student. She is kind, but mischievous girl. She sometimes interupt my study but she is very cute. She works very hard when she does her English homework.(I have to emulate her) She can do soccer little bit better than her ages. Because she wants to learn soccer to me.(she is 10 years old in korean age)

I think I am very lucky. My family is all kind and nice also, funny. My mom and my sister is very humorous. I am always thanked for this.

Then there's Susan's.  Like most things she writes, it was a little hard to follow but made me laugh. :)

My family is four members mother, father, younger sister and me. my parents job is police they work very hard. And my younger sister is four years old she is so cute and pretty at last me is the student. My father is most busy person in my family but he always call to us to hear us's voice. He is very handsome i think so.... also he is good at english he get a certificate and Canada. When I was 10years old he met ms.Eva who is the last teacher in B.I.S. My father and Ms.Eva talk about it. This explain how my father good at it. My mother is very pretty. She is not very well at english but, she really love my younger sister and me. Also my mother is police too. She is look very awsome when she wear police clothes. I proud my mother and father is police.That is not always good. I need to stay at home many time. But It's okay. My younger sister is very cute and pretty. she is four years now. I really love her but some time I hate her because, she hit me and kick me sometimes also she cried when I scold her.

I love my family very very much
Isabella and Rose are twin sisters... most of their writing is pretty easy to follow, but I love the last sentence of Rose's essay. ;)
     We can be alive because of our family, and we are happy to see my family everyday. They work and pay money and use part of them in academy so we can be educated. They are also part of my friend, so everybody likes their family.

     There are 3 other family members. They are my father, mother and a twinsister.(1 minute older) My father is a doctor and he works in Yongin, the place where Everland(amusement park) is located. He comes home at 7:30, then he shower and watch TV, and play 'Ba-dook' until 12:00. My father sometimes play with me and go to the park and do hoolahoops or jumping rope. He wear glasses, he is nice and smart.   

     My mother is a teacher on BIS academy ins seocho. My mother always gives me presents when she got things, she also wears no glasses. She come home in 8:30~9:30, which is very late at night. When she comes home, she first take a shower and change her clothes to pajama, and get a pillow and a blanket and ly on the sofa. Then she chat with me, of give messages to her friends, then after 30 minutes, she starts to sleep.

     My twinsister is a student like I does. She is a Seohyun elementary school grade 6 class 7 and number 48 student. She studies well, more than me on mathmatics and she runs very fast, she got a first place on running 5 times in our school track(1200m). Sometimes she makes me angry, like making me not to concentrate well on studying. However, she teach me things that I do not know.

     I love my family and they are people who will make me smile and cry in my life.

Most of the people have their family to live with. If there are no family, we could not be happy very much. I have my own family. I like my family.

 There are four people in my family. Me, Isabella, Grace and John. Exept John, are all girls and girls' blood type is B and John is O. John, me and Isabella's first name is Park and my mother is Choi.

First I will introduce my mom and my dad. My mom is a Seocho Bis principal. She likes golfing and she likes to sleep a lot. My dad is an ear mouth throat doctor. He has his own hospital and it's in Young in. My parents works very hard to make us happy and to study.

I will introduce me and my sister now. Me and my sister are 13 years old. We are going to Seohyun elementary school. We are in sixth grade. We are both twins. I like to write essays and Isabella likes to sing.

I hope our family don't loose a laugh in their mouth.


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